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Write Wedding Vows That Sound Natural

Datetime:2020-05-30 12:11 Source:ARTIZ Author:admin hits:68541
It takes time and patience to write wedding vows. The best vows are those that reflect the writer's sincerity, and have a freshness of thought. The worst are those that use sample copy. They are invariably dull, trite and cliché.
Your wedding vows should represent your personality, your aims and goals in life. This can only happen if you spend some time debating on what points to include in your wedding vows. Some of the obvious ones are: What is it that you love most about your partner? How did you fall in love? How will you add value to your partners life? How will you make your marriage different? What are your common goals and dreams?
What makes your love unique?
These are not easy questions to answer. The task becomes even more difficult when you consider turning these answers into a wedding vow. It is quite possible that your first draft may sound very stale and dead. Don't be disheartened. Try again.
This time you can record your thoughts by speaking into a tape recorder. You will find that your thoughts flow much faster when you are talking, and that your sentences sound more natural. They are not curbed by syntax but run merrily like a mountain stream.
This is what your wedding vows should be like: natural and independent, not bound by past constructions and stale advice. You can even consider calling your best friend to hear what you are going to say. Such an exercise always helps to remove or modify pompous and unwanted sentences.
It is equally important to read your vows in front of a mirror. You will find that there are certain sentence constructions which are quite cumbersome. These must be modified so that there are no unnatural breaks or pauses when you make your wedding vows.
There is one more hurdle that you have to cross before your wedding vows are ready for delivery. They need to be shown to the officiant, and his permission obtained. It is possible that the officiant may not like some sentences and you may have to modify them. Do that long before your wedding day. This will leave you enough time to be ready with your vows on the big day.