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Wedding Shoes, buying and preparation

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A bride should be blooming and perfect, just like the wedding and the wedding day, and for a perfect bride, there should be perfect wedding shoes. To help you in buying the perfect pair here is a guide that you can follow to buy that perfect pair for that very special day.
Choosing a colour
There are different shades of white, diamond white, pearl white, satin white, etc. If you’re all for a traditional wedding you can have white, but if you’re one of the radials who like colourful gowns instead of plain white ones, you can still match the colour of your shoes to your gown.
Aside from colour, style should be your next priority, your shoes should fit the occasion and the place, and if you have a garden wedding or a beach wedding it’s not advisable to wear stilettos. For an evening event, you can use strappy evening sandals. Remember both shoe and dress need not be fancy, quite the opposite, wear fancy shoes for a simple dress and simple shoes for an extravagant dress, so that they sort of balance each other.
Now after choosing the style and colour, you must try your shoes on, remember you’d be wearing your shoes for the whole day, and maybe on the reception as well, you’d be expected to be in those shoes for more than four hours, and during the reception, might be asked to dance in them, you don’t want to get blisters on your special day so make sure that your shoes are comfortable.
Also, buy shoes towards the end of the day. The foot expands during the course of the day and you want to buy shoes when your feet are at its largest size.
* Tip: Wear your shoes inside the house before the wedding, do this until you can wear your shoes for 4-5 hours without hurting, this’ll make sure that the shoes are soft and comfortable on your wedding day, just don’t wear them outside.
Your dress and your shoes
Wedding shoes should also match your dress, the type of fabric for your shoes is usually determined by the type of fabric of the hem of your gown. Wear satin shoes for shiny fabrics and lacy shoes for a lacy gown. You can also use crepe shoes for fabrics that have a matte finish.
If you want details on your shoes like crystals or rhinestones, make sure that the colour , sheen and style match those of your dress, don’t wear bejewelled shoes on a gown that doesn’t have a single bit of crystal on it or youíll look like an upside down lampshade when the lights hit you.
Extra shoes
If you think that your dancing shoes should be different than your actual wedding shoes, and youíd want an extra one, make sure that the heels of your extra shoes match those of your actual shoes so that your gown doesnít look too short or too long when you wear them.
Remember to bring your shoes with you when youíre getting your dress made or altered, thisíll make sure that the length of your gown matches the heels of your shoes, you wonít want your dress to drag or to look like it’s too short don’t you?