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Wedding Bells

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So, you have found your soul mate. You are head-over-heels in love, and the time has come. You are getting married! it’s a time of excitement, joy, and new beginnings. It can also be a time of pain, sorrow and misery if not planned correctly.
One of the most important details of the wedding a couple needs to decide on is the actual date of the event. This is usually the detail that is taken care of first. Factors in choosing a date include: the availability of the venue where the wedding will take place as well as availability of friends and family on the assigned date.
It is also advisable to set a budget, even before a couple starts to make plans. This way they are able to organise the details according to a budget they can afford.
For couples who are about to get married, it is important to talk about the size of wedding they both have in mind. The dream wedding of one person might not be that of the other. So it is necessary for couples to discuss details regarding the arrangements for the wedding, such as: the location of the venue/reception, the number of people who get invited to the wedding reception, food, and the choice of entertainment if any.
It is important to reach an agreement pertaining to the guest list and the entourage. Whether you want to keep the wedding an intimate affair, in which case the bride and groom will just invite their family and friends. Maybe, you want to make this affair, into the wedding of the century. In which case, the bride and groom get to invite the whole neighbourhood, long lost relatives, high school buddies, etc., in addition to their family and friends. When making the guest list, consider the capacity of your chosen venue.
So, you have decided on the size of your wedding, and where you are going to have it next, order wedding invitations. If you want to get creative, you can always print your own invites. This way you can customise them and add a more personal touch to the invitation.
The bride will want to start looking for a wedding gown months before the wedding. This way, the bride has plenty of time to make a selection. The groom should make arrangement to rent or buy a tuxedo, preferably in advance also. Just in case you encounter some trouble with the fitting, you will have time to make other arrangements.
You really want to hire a professional photographer to capture this momentous occasion. Sure you friends can take good pictures, and most of them own a camcorder, but for this occasion, you would want something special, lasting, and visually presentable to remember your wedding. This allows you to share your special memories with your family and friends.
What about the cake?! It's best to have a tasting before settling on a bakery. Ask the bakery to prepare some cupcakes using the same recipe as the wedding cake. Invite your family and friends for the cake tasting. This way, the task becomes fun for everyone!
Does all this sound like a lot? It is! If you find the preparations that go into a wedding too overwhelming, you can always just hire a wedding planner! This way, everything gets organised and coordinated for you.
How do you find a good wedding planner? That's another article!