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Congratulations! You're Getting Married

Datetime:2020-05-30 12:00 Source:ARTIZ Author:admin hits:68541
Now that you have shared your happy news with family and friends the fun really starts. It's time to actually start planning your wedding; wedding reception ideas, bridal bouquets, wedding favour ideas and dress ideas will be swimming around in that little loved-up head of yours!
Take a deep breath and relax because the BIG question you're already asking yourself is... "Where do I start?"
Well, the only way to successfully plan your perfect wedding is to start with your wedding reception ideas. Treat yourself to a few bridal magazines [you've always wanted to buy one and now you can with that rock on your finger!]. Start looking around in haberdashery departments and put together a collection of the materials, styles and colours that appeal to you. These will provide the essential ingredients for your wedding reception ideas board or scrapbook or however you choose to present them.
Your ideas can then spiral off in a multitude of different directions as you start to consider wedding themes, wedding favour ideas, colour themes and style themes, etc. It is truly essential to set the tone of your wedding first and then everything else falls in to place. For example, if your bridal gown shop knows you are going for a traditional "ivory and gold" theme, she can then advise you on gowns to suit this theme. In addition, you can then advise your wedding favour supplier that any ideas for wedding favours must fit within this theme.
Wedding favours come in all different styles and design. They range from candle favours, chocolate favours, cd wedding favours, beach themed favours and many more. You can even personalise your favours to make them unique to your guests.
In these early days, there is no need to ask for the groom's comments - wait until you have narrowed down some ideas before you present them to him. He won't really respond to "do you like this?" and "what about this?" being thrown at him 50 times a day. It is far better to approach your groom once you have narrowed down groomsmen ideas, colour ideas, wedding reception ideas, wedding favour ideas, etc to a minimum. You will also get a more honest answer from him. Don't forget, even though ideas for wedding favours have completely taken over your life for the moment, he might not share your enthusiasm at this early stage of the preparations.
Throughout your ideas stage, you must not forget your wedding guests. Fundamentally, it is your day, however every girl wants their wedding remembered for its class and elegance. The one way that guests will treasure your wedding memories is by the giving of unique wedding favours. Second to your wedding themes and wedding reception ideas, you must consider wedding favour ideas carefully. Once your beautiful day is over and you're embarking on married life, you want your guests to look back at their favour boxes and reminisce!
However you plan your wonderful day, and whichever of your original wedding reception ideas and ideas for wedding favours you choose, have a special day and a magical married life thereafter!