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Why have a Wedding Video?

Datetime:2020-04-24 14:04 Source:ARTIZ Author:admin hits:68541
Why? Well the answer is very simple, because you will kick yourself in the B*TT, every day if you don't. When you see you other brides having a beautiful video of their Wedding Day, you'll wonder why you didn't. Video isn't just a quaint little side gimmick any more. Video is an art and a profession. Of course there are some bad Videographers, and some inexperienced ones, but I think you have enough common sense to weed those out. Let's concentrate on the Experienced, and Qualified Professionals.
In this day when people are capturing life on video with their cell phones and every other gadget, why would you let the most important moment of your life just slip by and not get it on quality video? but I have an excellent Photographer and it's already costing me an arm and a leg’s Well, Videography is generally not as expensive as Photography, for a multitude of reasons which I won’t go into here. There are also a few very important differences between video and photography.
The most obvious one is that they are not the same., where photos you generally don't get the negatives so you have to go back and have your photographer make you copies for a rather handsome fee. The best reason why Video is so very different from photography I have left for last. Can you take a guess as to what it is? I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. The best reason why you really  want a video of your Wedding Day is because when you watch your video, it's like being there all over again.
When your spouse is far away and you miss them, when you want to hear yourselves taking your vows again, or when you want to see yourself walking down the aisle, you can see it as it really happened. Photos only capture a soundless, emotionless, split second of what happened on your special day. Video captures sound, images, emotion, mood, ambiance, tensions, fears, joys, happiness, sadness, all the emotions of the moment. You don't need to fill in the blanks with your memory, because there are no blanks.
If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions of words. I am not saying not to have a photographer at your wedding. I would never be so crazy as to advocate one at the exclusion of another. Even though some photographers do try to talk Brides out of spending on a video so they can get the bride to go for a more expensive photo package. Those are unscrupulous dealers and I hope you can see through their ploy. I believe both Photography and Videography have a useful and legitimate place in your wedding budget and on your wedding day, but going without video is like going without music at your reception, it's OK, but it could have been better. Do some shopping around, look at some Demo videos, and I'm sure you'll be convinced that it's something you really want for the long run, and you'll get many years of enjoyment out of it. The best part is that as years go by and fashions change, it will be a kick and a hoot to see just how you looked those many years ago. Your kids and grandkids will love it too.